PhD. in Computer Science

Researcher at CONICET (Arg)

Professor at FAMAF-UNC (Arg)

Who I am.

I am Researcher (category Independent) at CONICET and an Associate Professor (tenured) at FAMAF, University of Córdoba (Argentina). Also, I am the Team Leader (Argentinean side) of the Theory of Structured Data of the French-Argentinean LIA SINFIN.

I have been a Visiting Assistant Professor at Guangdong Technion Institute - GTIIT (China), between 2022 and 2023.

Before that, I finished my Phd thesis in 2014 under supervision of Carlos Areces at FAMAF, University of Córdoba, Argentina. The title of my thesis is Relation-Changing Modal Logics.

Even before, I received my Master and Bachelor degrees at the CS Department, University of Río Cuarto, Argentina.

My interests in research include:

  • Modal Logics. Model theory. Proof theory. Computational aspects.

  • Dynamic Logics. Epistemic Logics. Separation Logics.

  • Knowledge representation. Non-monotonic reasoning.

  • Automated deduction. Interactive theorem proving.

For more info, here is my CV: English/Spanish



07/24 I have been awarded with the Jean D’Alembert fellowship 2024-2026 at Université Paris-Saclay!
06/24 I have been promoted to Researcher category Independent (3 out of 5) at CONICET.
04/24 I am a PC Chair of the International Workshop on Reconfigurable Transition Systems: Semantics, Logics and Applications (ReacTS’24). Consider submitting your paper!
02/24 Attend RIO Summer School 2024!
08/23 Our paper Uncertainty-Based Knowing How Logic in collaboration with C. Areces, A. Saravia and F. Velázquez-Quesada was accepted for publication at Journal of Logic and Computation.